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Back in 2021 when it was SpeedQB over here in europe, the demand for a more sports infused format with deeper tacitcal challanges was growing. With the launch of the brand new NSL-Format in early 2022 the competitive Speedsoft world came to new life, with a completely different approach to scoring points and winning matches.


​The basic goal of the NSL-Format is to score points by getting the flag as far as possible on the opponents side of field. The first team to attack gets three attacking tries to score points on the other team. During those three tries the attacking team is already in possession of the flag from the breakout on. Points can be scored by getting the flag in to zone 1, 2, or 3. Which will add 1, 2, or 3 points. The ultimate goal for the attacking team is to score a flag hang on the opponents breakout wall to get a maximum amount of 12 / 11 / 10 points depending on the try. This either must happen during the ongoing game or within 3 seconds after the buzzer.
(Buzzer can be pressed by both teams after getting fully eliminated)

After every flag hang an epic 30 seconds 1V1 takes place to either score or deny 2 bonus points for your team.

While the defending team tries to deny the attackers from scoring any points by eliminating the opponents team or snatching the flag within the ongoing game or 3 seconds after the buzzer. Which will result in a change of the flag possession and the attacking / defending role.

This cycle will be played until the game timer of 15min / 12min / 10min is expired. (Depending on the tournament)


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